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Better than a Box of Granola Bars – step by step instructions

Per request I made granola bars and took detail pictures of how to prepare them perfectly. These are a great “clean” snack or great addition to a kids lunch box for a special treat. Enjoy Recipe in Morgan’s Simple and … Continue reading

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Simple Strategies to An Early Morning Work-out

Waking up early in the morning to work-out can be a difficult task if you are not prepared. Planning is the key to successful early morning exercise. Keep these simple things in mind if you plan on starting early in … Continue reading

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10 Meatless Monday Ideas

Eating meat is okay in moderation. It is important that if you eat meat, eat it in moderation and as a side dish instead of the main course. Incorporating one day a week of meatless meals is a great idea. … Continue reading

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Hop up and Have Honeydew Melon

April is a great month to buy and enjoy honeydew melon. Honeydew melon is a great source of vitamin C. 1 cup of Honeydew melon provides 1/2 of your vitamin C requirement. How to pick the perfect honeydew melon: Choose … Continue reading

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Food Cravings

Did you know that most food cravings only last 20 minutes. If you are craving something, wait!!! Distract yourself for 20 minutes, try drinking a large glass of water, go for a walk, read a chapter in a book, or … Continue reading

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Nutella – The truth

Are you are nuts for Nutella? ….. The Nutella commercial makes this product sound like a great way to add protein to your breakfast or even enjoy as a “healthy” snack. Lots of people I talk to love Nutella and … Continue reading

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Egg-cellent Nutrition

Is your refrigerator filled with leftover eggs from Easter??? What do you do with all the egg you ask? Hopefully, you will find an idea or two from this blog post. Eggs are an egg-cellent source of nutrition; full of … Continue reading

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Key Lime Easter Cake

I love Lemon! If you need a delicious cake for Easter… this is a great recipe. Lower in fat and a great flavor, moist in texture!   1 package (18.25oz) lemon cake mix 1 (3oz) package sugar-free/fat-free instant lemon pudding … Continue reading

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6 quick, easy and healthy dinner ideas

Pasta and vegetables: Boil a box or amount desired of whole wheat pasta, steam a bag of vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, or other), saute lean ground turkey meat in a pan, or chop pre-cooked grilled chicken. Drizzle with olive oil, toss … Continue reading

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