Going too Nutty


Did you know….. 

Nuts are a healthy monounsaturated fat that offers many vitamins, minerals and even protein.

However, nuts are a very calorically dense and high in fat.  Approximately 1 cup nuts is 800 calories. That is the 1/2 the calories for the entire day for most people.

Using nuts in moderation is a great idea. Nuts are an easy snack on the go or a great addition to oatmeal or yogurt, just watch your serving size. If you are watching your weight, limit nuts to 1/4 cup per day

- Avoid salted or sugar coated nuts 

- All nuts are very healthy, however, macadamia nuts are highest in saturated fats. 

- Too much fat can add extra calories, leading to weight gain. Also, too much fat, even “good” fats may raise your cholesterol. 

- Enjoy nuts in moderation 

1st picture is 1/4 cup nuts compared to medium size apple

2nd picture is 1 cup nuts compared to medium size apple 

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