Danger of the basket

Have you been out to dinner lately? In particular your favorite Mexican restaurant. I love Mexican foods and it is easy to over eat when dining out, but let me give you a couple things to consider.

Did you know that 1 oz of chips is about 10 tortilla chips? The average basket of chips is about 7oz.

7 oz of tortilla chips = approximately 750 calories!!! 

Wow! Eating a few chips can add to your waist line in no time.

The average package of corn tortillas is 27 ounces. Can you image eating a about 1/3 package of corn tortillas? I know some people get overwhelmed when I say it is ok to eat 2 tortillas with a healthy meal made at home.

What I am trying to say is tortilla chip calories add up. It is deep fried tortillas, and it take a lot of them to make chips. They are empty calories meaning they really have no nutrition.

Try and limit the chips you eat while eating out. Once and awhile indulgence is OK!

Avoid/limit these foods while dining out: 

  • Fried foods (even if the food is fried in olive or canola oil, it is still fried)
  • Sour cream and cream sauce
  • Creamy salad dressing
  • Sauteed vegetables and meats cooked in butter
  • Cheese. It is usually a very inexpensive food and restaurants tend to over use it, leading to higher caloric intake.
  • High fat meats; sausage, pepperoni, bologna, salami, corned beef, regular ground beef or ground turkey meat
  • White bread (this is another food easy to overeat at restaurants)



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