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Do you have a recipe that you absolutely love? Is it full of fat and calories? Here are some easy substitutions that you can alter your favorite recipes with! Make you favorite meal and healthier one!  When cooking calls for … Continue reading

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The Saucy Truth

Sauce, sauce is everywhere and on everything. I am definitely a salty, saucy girl, however, sauces filled with salt, sugar, fat and additives can really cause issues with the body. Sauce is commonly found when dining out. Sauce can be … Continue reading

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10 ways to eat an egg

Eggs are very high in biological protein. Meaning they eggs are easy to digest and utilize protein. The higher the biological value, the more nitrogen your body can absorb, use and retain. Therefore, eating an egg is a great way … Continue reading

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Looking a little closer at cooking spray

Many people have asked me about cooking sprays. Looking into cooking sprays I have found a few differences between sprays and traditional oils used for cooking. First of all, cooking sprays usually contain a propellant, the propellant (also known as … Continue reading

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Black bean and tofu enchilada bake

I love quick and easy meals that are delicious….. This meal is very versatile and would be perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner and makes great leftovers. Black Bean and Tofu Enchilada Bake  8 x 8 glass baking dish Ingredients:  … Continue reading

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