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Keep Halloween as healthy as possible

Candy is always around! It is something that you can buy anytime at the store. It’s cheap, so cheap that your body is too good for you to eat it. However, halloween is tomorrow and your need to prevent weight … Continue reading

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Are you feeling Nutty??

Nuts are a simple and nutritious way to add healthy fat and protein to your meals. Most people will also use nuts as a snack. Nuts are delicious and very portable. Nuts are predominately monounsaturated (good) fats. For this reason, … Continue reading

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Halloween Candy Calories add up

Halloween is a few day away. Don’t let your meal planning get off track by eating too many empty calorie candies. Candy can be easy to eat and adds up quickly in calories, fat and sugar. Keep in mind that … Continue reading

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Homemade Whole Wheat Corn Bread

Corn bread and Chili go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Corn bread is a great side to a fall/winter meal. Homemade Whole Wheat Corn Bread  1/2 cup Whole Wheat flour 3/4 cup Flour 1/2 cup corn meal 2/3 cup … Continue reading

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Over Looked Super Foods

Some foods get easily overlooked. Think of food as fuel and your way of eating will drastically change. We all fill our cars up with $10 a a gallon gas, we would never think to just “fill” our cars up … Continue reading

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Give your Meals a Power Punch

Are you bored with your meals? Add a little more variety, flavor and power up your meals. List below are some simple foods that will change the way you eat healthy foods. Make your meals healthy and delicious…… 1. Add … Continue reading

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