Halloween Candy Calories add up

Halloween is a few day away. Don’t let your meal planning get off track by eating too many empty calorie candies. Candy can be easy to eat and adds up quickly in calories, fat and sugar. Keep in mind that excess fat converts to fat and excess sugar converts to fat. Eating fat free candy may not necessarily be the best bet.

  • If you are not not hungry enough for an apple, then don’t eat candy.
  • If you choose to eat candy, eat it with your meal, instead of solo.
  • Limit your candy treats
  • Throw out extra candy. Choose a couple of your favorites and toss the rest.
  • Keep in mind 4 grams sugar = 1 tsp. sugar. Know you labels and know how much sugar and fat you are eating.
  • 5 grams fat is equivalent to 1 tsp. butter. Watch fat intake, especially candy made with hydrogenated fats.

Check out the attached list. You will be surprised 

Halloween Candy

Healthier alternatives: 

- Box of raisins or similar dried fruit

- Greek yogurt

- Fresh fruit (in season) apples, persimmons, oranges and etc.

- Unsalted nuts

- Carob chocolate (or 70% cocoa dark chocolate)



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One Response to Halloween Candy Calories add up

  1. christy says:

    Good post. I always make a big pot of vegetarian chili and lots of little “treats” at home for the kids before they get their candy. That way they are full and it’s less appealing for any of us to want the junk. :)

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