Keep Halloween as healthy as possible

Candy is always around! It is something that you can buy anytime at the store. It’s cheap, so cheap that your body is too good for you to eat it. However, halloween is tomorrow and your need to prevent weight gain and keep your body healthy. Follow some simple rules to prevent you from over eating candy.


1. Wake up and eat a well balanced breakfast within one hour of waking up. Make sure you start your metabolism with whole grain carbohydrates and lean protein.

Don’t skip meals during the day!!! 

Try whole wheat toast with natural peanut/almond butter, Greek yogurt and 1/2 banana.

2. Exercise: YOU will be less likely to over eat candy if you exercise. Often times a hard work-out will prevent you from eating foods that are empty.

3. Eat fruit during the day. Fruit offers natural sweetness that many people seek when they crave or want candy and sweets.

4. Choose lean protein at your meals. Most people will crave sugary foods if they lack protein. Your body is craving energy when you are craving sugar. Prevent the cravings with balanced meals.

Try adding lean chicken, turkey or fish. Beans, natural peanut/nut butters, cottage cheese, string cheese, eggs/egg whites and many others.

5. If you do eat candy, limit your serving and eat the candy with your meal. The protein from your meal will slow down the absorption sugar from your treat.

  • Limit the serving size that you eat 
  • Eat what you really want. Don’t snack around what you really want. You will more likely eat things that are empty and then eventually give in and have what you really wanted. 
  • Limit treats to 2. Small size…. of course. 

6. Toss out the extra! Don’t leave candy laying around the house where you can easy snack on it!!!! Why…….. YOUR NOT WORTH IT!!!


Happy Halloween!!!

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