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Eating healthy at a Super Bowl party!!!

Super Bowl Sunday is February 3rd! However, do not let one day sabotage your healthy habits. You can eat healthy at a super bowl party without feeling deprived. 1. Order pizza or “make your own” for your super bowl party! … Continue reading

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Is Seafood Making You Stupid?

Seafood, is a great source of protein. It is generally low in fat and high in protein and high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, most seafood is now farm raised and not wild caught. However, the other issue with … Continue reading

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5 Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

More and more people are following a gluten free diet. Some follow it to cut back on carbohydrates and some because they feel they do not tolerate it. The important thing to remember is choosing healthy gluten free options and … Continue reading

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Is a Rushed Lunch Complicating Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Listed below are a few simple and easy lunch ideas; Enjoy! Every little change, makes a huge difference! On the Go Lunch Ideas 1. Potato, beans and broccoli: Keep baked potatoes on hand. Great to keep in the refrigerator for … Continue reading

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Simple and Clean Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a great lean protein. It is very versatile and very flavorful. I would suggest buying a whole organic chicken and roasting it. You can also purchase a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store for easy prep and a … Continue reading

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2 week Clean Eating Challenge

Ready for a healthy jumpstart????  I am! My triathlon season is coming up and it is time to get focused. Let’s try and jumpstart our “clean” eating lifestyle in the next 15 days and continuing it as a regular lifestyle. … Continue reading

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Top Eight Things to Avoid Eating

Do you ever wonder…. what should I absolutely stay away from for “good” health? Let me tell you. 1. Sugar, white flour and over processed foods 2. Sugar loaded beverages (including speciality drinks, juicing, and “organic” sugar loaded beverages) 3. … Continue reading

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My Top 10 High Energy Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the best way to fuel your muscles and promote good health. Most people are terrified of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates have been marketed as fattening and bad. Choosing the right carbohydrates and limiting your portion size is the key to … Continue reading

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