How to Avoid Sugar Cravings

Basically, the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you crave! Most people don’t NEED sugar, unless they have a blood sugar problems. Most people have, what I call, “tainted” taste buds, basically, the taste buds need more and more sugar to stay happy.

The first couple days of limiting/avoiding sugar is the most difficult because your taste buds want the sugar taste. However, you can easily prevent from craving sugars. This may take a little planning and thinking outside the box, but in no time you will not crave sugar or as much sugar on a daily basis.

Simple Tips to Overcome Your SUGAR cravings: 

- Do not skip meals; your body will naturally crave sugar if you skip meals. Your brain is trying to seek immediate fuel, therefore, causing you to crave sugar.

- Eat Lean protein at each meal and/or snack. Avoid eating fruit without protein or eating regular yogurt without protein. Sometimes the “carbohydrate” foods, when eaten alone, can cause sugar cravings.

- Avoid high fatty foods; such as bacon, sausage, ribs and etc. Sometimes eating these foods are not a “good” enough quality protein to slow down sugar absorption from simple carbohydrates.

- Eat fruit. If you want something sweet, your body is craving fruit. Enjoy fresh fruit with your meal or with a high quality protein. Limit your fruit to 3-4 servings per day. Avoid eating fruit after 6pm.

- Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners in coffee, tea, sodas, and other beverages. Even sugar free sweeteners are SWEET, the more you consume, the more you will crave! Try and drink your coffee with fat free or almond milk or black. If you truly “like” coffee or tea you will be able to drink it plain. If not, you may have to give it up until you sugar detox.

- Avoid going more than 5-6 hours between meals. Once again your brain is looking for immediate energy and will CRAVE sugar, simple sugars.

- Avoid processed and white foods. These foods turn into sugar quickly and may cause you to crave more sugar. Eat foods high in fiber. Choose whole grains, high in fiber, lots of fresh vegetables and foods in their most basic state.

- Love your foods and enjoy the flavors of the food. Embrace where the food came from as you enjoy each bite. Try not to mindlessly eat your foods.

Avoid sugar cravings

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