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Eating Like an Athlete

A huge part of “good” athletic performance is your meals. You may be new to the gym or been exercising for some time, but are you eating healthy? Here are some simple tips for those new to working out or … Continue reading

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Guilt Free Ways to Eat Chocolate

Do you love Chocolate??? Chocolate can be eaten in moderation. Try not to deprive yourself … if you crave it, eat a limited portion of it. Try these other ideas:¬† 1. Try plain ol’ dark chocolate: One ounce of dark … Continue reading

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Simple Ways to Keep your Metabolism Revved UP!

Do you feel like you have a slow metabolism? It is not too that a ¬†person will be excessively over weight because of a slow metabolism. However, some diseases such as hypothyroidism and Cushing’s can slow metabolism. As we age, … Continue reading

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Fall in Love with Lunch

People often get bored with their meals, which may be why they lapse or relapse back into old habits. Changing up your lunch time meals can add flavor to your day and make you a little more excited to eat … Continue reading

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