10 Foods to never EVER BUY!!!

Grocery shopping should be so easy, however, we make it so difficult. Basically, we should be eating “fresh” foods, mostly plant based and staying away from processed and packaged foods. I wanted to give you a list of the top 10 foods you should stay away from and never buy!!!

Think twice before you put the following things in your grocery cart: 

Frosting: As in cake frosting. It is full of hydrogenated fat that will raise your cholesterol. It is also full of sugar and will directly cause inflammation in your body. Make your own frosting.

Bagels: I know most people see them as a “safe” food! Bagels are very concentrated with carbohydrates. Eating a whole bagel is equivalent to eating about 4 slices of bread. What’s even worse is putting high fat cream cheese all over this high carbohydrate food. Choose a whole wheat English muffin instead or a few slices of whole wheat toast.

* If you do get bagels, try and get Whole wheat. But make sure you read the ingredient list, the first word should be whole wheat flour.

Bakery baked goods: This includes but is not limited to; donuts, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies and much, much more. These foods are once again full of sugar and trans fats. These foods will increase inflammation and cause you to crave more and more sugar.

Soda: Liquid empty calories. One can of soda has more than 10 packets of sugar. These calories slowly add up. The sugar affects the blood sugar in 10 minutes, raising blood sugars causing the pancreas to dump out insulin, leading to fat storage. Soda can be very addicting. If you choose dark cola’s, the phosphoric acid in the soda leaches the calcium from your bones and teeth. NOT WORTH IT!!

Cereal: A healthy cereal is a bit of an oxymoron. There are not many healthy cereals. If the fiber is high, the sugar is also probably pretty high. The portion size is about 2/3 -1 cup. Really….. who is going to eat only 1 cup of cereal. A cup of cereal is equivalent to 2-3 slices of bread. The other thing is, cereal is not very filling. It is easy to eat cereal and in 2 hours be hungry again….. and for probably more carbohydrates.

* If you do choose cereal, choose one with less than 8 grams sugar, more than 3 grams fiber and eat a protein food along with your cereal.

Stick Margarine: Just say inflammation, high cholesterol and much more negative affects. The stick margarine is full of trans fat. When looking for a buttery spread, read the ingredient list. Avoid any spread that has the word HYDROGENATED!

Jarred Salsa: Full of preserves, salt and sugar. Go for fresh salsa. A salsa that has an expiration date. Salsa is a great way to add flavor to your foods.

BACON: Did you know that bacon is basically toxic! It is full of saturated fat, cholesterol, and lots and lots of salt. It has has nitrates in it. Nitrates are toxic for the body!

Farmed “fresh” Fish: I recommend fresh frozen. Basically, this means the fish is caught, cleaned and then frozen. Most store “fresh” fish, were once frozen and then defrosted and sold as fresh in the store.

Frozen Pastries: There is nothing healthy about these pastries. They are full of fat, sugar and usually fried before they are frozen. Stick with making your own bakery goods or keep breakfast simple with oatmeal, toast and natural PB, cottage cheese and fruit, eggs and fruits or many other healthy breakfast options!


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