Don’t Skip Out On These Nutrients

Some nutrients provide more benefit then others. All nutrients are needed and beneficial. Below are a few nutrients that may be more beneficial for energy. If you eat “fresh” clean foods you will get the nutrition you need. However, the problem is when you eat increased amounts of processed foods, they are usually “empty” calories. Empty meaning, providing no nutrition or very little nutrition.

Make the most of your meals by eating a variety of fresh foods. Take a look at some of these important nutrients.

Vitamin E: About 29% of people do not get enough vitamin E. It helps to protect your heart and increase immunity. If you are eating too low fat of a diet you can be at risk of not eating enough vitamin E.

sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, avocado, and most other green leafy vegetables

Iron: Iron rich foods are better absorbed than supplements. Calcium may inhibit absorption of Iron. To increase Iron absorption, eat Iron rich foods with vitamin C rich foods.

Iron helps to deliver oxygen throughout your body.

Find Iron in Lean meats, beans/lentils, tofu, green leafy vegetables, nuts and fortified grains. Choose these foods without added salt or sauces.

Potassium: Helps aid in muscle contraction, and helps to regulate fluid and mineral balance when you sweat. *Did you know that you don’t only sweat when you exercise, sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself off.

Top potassium picks: baked potatoes, white beans, tomato sauce, papaya, avocado, melon and so many more fruits and vegetables.

Zinc: Helps to regulate the metabolism. Beans are very high in zinc. Meats also have zinc. Careful of your portion of meat and the cut of meat. Avoid meat that has high fat content.

Magnesium: Can be found in soil. However, the soil over time has been depleted. Magnesium is needed for energy production and muscle function.

Fish, black beans and cooked spinach has a ton of magnesium. Choose non farmed varieties of fish, try and boil your own beans, to avoid excess salt.

bean bowl


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