August – 30 days of healthy changes

Time to make 30 days of Healthy Changes



Drink at least 64oz water



Be aware of your “bites” – avoid grazing!


Choose “whole” foods, avoid processed foods


Avoid cheese or choose only low-fat options


Eat 3 fruits today. One with each meal. Eat fruit, in season


Fill ½ your lunch and dinner plate with vegetables



Make today a vegetarian day.


Avoid all liquid calories


Substitute your coffee creamer for low-fat or nonfat milk and sweetener (if, desired)


Snack on carrots and celery mid afternoon


No fast food for one week.



Add healthy fats to your meals. Avocado or nuts are great choices


No desserts today, use fruit as a sweet treat.


Aim for 25-30 grams fiber today.


Plan your meals for the week and buy your foods ahead of time for easy prep.


Add one cup of black or green tea to your day!



Make a salad filled with high fiber vegetables. Use a vinegar based dressing


Choose whole beans (no salt added) to one of your meals instead of meat.


Try one new “non salt” seasoning or herb today.


Top your whole-wheat pancakes with Natural PB instead of syrup.



Add hummus to your sandwich instead of mayo spread.



Avoid all lunch meat and processed meats.


Control your sweet cravings by adding protein at every meal


Drink a glass of your favorite milk for added calcium.


Use a dessert plate at lunch and dinner today. This will help reduce portion sizes.


Change one unhealthy habit for the day.




Take smaller bites and chew your foods well.


Add barley to your oatmeal for an extra B vitamin kick.




Pack healthy car snacks.



Try a new fruit or vegetable

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