Out and About Summer Snack Ideas – Repost

Often time summer is when you are in the car more. Maybe you are headed on a road trip, family vacation, day at the beach or maybe a ride to the movies. It is important that you have a plan and/or back up plan to your healthy eating.

Listed below are some summer snack ideas: 

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (McDonald’s) *No granola

Whole wheat crackers (Milton whole wheat or WASA variety) and string cheese * string cheese ahead of time so when you eat it, it is still cold.

Kefir and small banana: You can find kefir at any convenience or grocery store, grab a banana and you have a great healthy snack.

Apple and Nuts: Apples are a great portable snack, pair it with 1 oz nuts (1/8-1/4 cup) and you have great fuel to get you through your day.

Latte with fat free or 1% or soy milk: Coffee shops are every mile or two. Try decaf if you don’t want a caffeine high.

1/2 whole wheat bagel and 1 Tbsp. nut butter: Bagels are portable and delicious, you can find bagels are most breakfast shops. Bring a to go nut butter (such as Justin’s brand) for a protein and healthy fat addition.

A jar with natural PB at the bottom (2-3 Tbsp.) and celery sticks. I save jar and a great road trip idea is to have an easy celery and nut butter treat.

Frozen Whole wheat waffle with nut butter: Easy and delicious, out the door breakfast, or snack.

Boiled egg and fruit. Boil eggs and grab one before you leave the house. Pair it with a fruit for a perfect balance.


  • Avoid any sampler platter, it is usually fried and unhealthy foods
  • Avoid double or triple size
  • Avoid nachos: Full of fat and sodium. The processed cheese and fried chips are bad for your body.
  • Avoid words such as crispy, glazed, crunchy, cheesy, golden and many many more! Ask how the food is prepared and what is on what you are ordering.
  • Avoid dressings and sauces. Even “vinegar” based dressing when dining out can be full of sugar and fat. Try and stick with lemon juice and fresh salsa.
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