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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Did you know the average person gains an additional five pounds during the holidays? That is an extra 17,500 calories. The more fat weight you put on the more fat cells you create, fat cells never go away unless you … Continue reading

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If you are going to eat Candy ….. Be Smart

Halloween is just a few weeks away! Hopefully, you can resist the empty calorie candy and choose healthy foods. The DANGER of SUGAR (AKA CANDY) Candy is usually filled with sugar and fat. It is technically an empty calorie food. … Continue reading

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Time to add a New “Ancient” Grain to Your Diet

Freekeh – It is not new at all, freekeh is an ancient grain that many have not tried. Freekeh is similar to farro and is a great substitute for rice or pasta, plus, it is very nutritious and loaded with … Continue reading

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