Getting Back on Track the Day after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone. You may have over eaten, oh well, it is done… time to get back on track. One day of over eating will not cause weight gain, however, several days of over eating and physical inactivity will add up on the scale. Try and avoid holiday weight gain, instead, focus on weight maintenance. Enjoy your holiday meals, but keep these tips in mind! 

- Do not skip meals the day after. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

- Go through leftovers and toss anything that you may over eat again.

- Get your fitness back on. Don’t ignore the gym because you are ashamed that you over ate… instead sweat, sweat, sweat!!!

- Focus on quality foods. Fill your plate with lots of healthy vegetables, choose lean protein and of course high fiber carbohydrates.

- Avoid grazing. You are not a cow! Focus on meals.

- Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Most people think they are hungry, but the body just drink a sip or two or 64oz of water. Hydrate up!

- Shop Smart and Stock up Properly. Plan to eat healthy and you will eat healthy. Living off of leftover turkey will only last so long. Plan to go to the store and purchase healthy food items that will fuel and fill you.

- Avoid restaurant eating. Restaurants fill their foods with fat, sugars and salt. If you eat out often, your taste buds become “tainted”. Then, when you do eat at home your food tastes bland. Prevent tainted taste buds by eating at home!

- Don’t forget to weigh in once weekly. Don’t let weight gain get out of control. Knowing your weight will help keep you on track.

- Enjoy the holiday’s and savor each bite. Be mindful of your meals.



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