Selenium – An important Mineral in Your Diet

When eating foods, I feel it is important to focus on choosing foods with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Selenium, is a nutritionally essential mineral of the diet. It has been shown to help with reproduction, thyroid support, metabolism, DNA synthesis, and protection against oxidative damage and infection.

* If you are often sick, adding more nutritionally rich foods into the diet will help your immune system. Stop taking supplements and start eating nutrient rich foods.

* Selenium from food is more effective than selenium supplements.

Most adults need about 50-60mcg grams per day. 

Sources of selenium include, poultry, seafood, eggs, breads, grains, and most plant based foods depending on the soil. Nutrient rich soil will yield produce with more selenium.

Selected food source of Selenium 

Brazil Nuts (1oz 6-8 nuts)            544mcg

Tuna, yellowfin (3oz)                    92mcg

Halibut, cooked (3oz)                   47mcg

Sardines, canned in oil, 3oz         45mcg

Shrimp, 3oz                                    40mcg

Pasta, enriched, 1 cup                   37mcg

Turkey, boneless, cooked (3oz)  31mcg

Cottage cheese, 1% fat, 1 cup       20mcg

Brown rice, cooked, 1 cup            19mcg

Egg, boiled (1)                               15mcg

Puffed wheat cereal, 1 cup          15mcg

Bread, whole wheat, 1 slice        13mcg

Baked beans, vegetarian, 1 cup  13mcg

Oatmeal, 1 cup cooked                13mcg

Spinach, cooked, 1 cup                11mcg

Milk, 1% fat, 1 cup                       8mcg

Yogurt, low fat, 1 cup                 8mcg

Lentils, boiled, 1 cup                  6mcg

What does 50-60mcg look like in your diet?

Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal made with milk. Add your favorite nut.

Lunch: Hummus and turkey sandwich (2oz) with fresh spinach, tomatoes and bell pepper slices on whole wheat bread.

6oz low fat yogurt

Small fruit

Dinner: 1 cup brown rice

3oz Grilled or baked Halibut

15 asparagus spears

* This simple and delicious meal has a whooping 133mcg Selenium

brazil nuts

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