How to Lose Weight on a Cruise

Yes, it is possible! Losing weight on vacation can be done. These tips will help prevent you from gaining weight or even losing weight while you are on vacation.

Did you know? Most people gain at least 5 pounds while cruising or vacationing.

It can be simple to stay on track while enjoying yourself.

1. Take the stairs everywhere and WALK. 

All cruises have stairs, lots of them. Take advantage of the calories you can burn by taking the stairs. Try and wear a step tracking device and aim for at least 10,000 steps per day.

2. Keep breakfast healthy. Most cruises have a restaurant option and buffet option. Choose healthy choices since breakfast is starting your day. Start right with; 

- Omelets (egg whites are best) add lots of vegetables and avoid the cheese, sausage and bacon.

- Oatmeal is a great option. Avoid dried fruits and brown sugar. Add splenda or stevia, add fresh fruit and nuts.

- Yogurt is a great way to keep your gut filled with a little “good” bacteria. Add fresh fruit and nuts to your yogurt.

- Boiled eggs and toast are another great option. Make sure your toast is whole wheat and limit the butter.

- Fresh fruit is a great start to your day, avoid the juice.

Broccoli quiche without cheese and dry toast

Broccoli quiche without cheese and dry toast

Lunch on a cruise ship is usually buffet style. Choose healthy options when picking your mid-day meal. 

Salad is a great option, add beans, fresh vegetables, boiled eggs, seeds, nuts and your favorite protein. Limit the dressing and choose a vinegar based dressing.

Ask for other options. 

- Recently when my family and I went on a cruise they had hamburgers and french fries. I asked for a vegetable burger….. guess what? They had it. I had mine without the bun with plenty of healthy toppings.

Bunless Vegetable patty with fresh tomatoes and shredded lettuce

Bunless Vegetable patty with fresh tomatoes and shredded lettuce

- Look for lean proteins and side dishes without mayo and cream sauces. Look for foods in their most natural state.

- If you have dessert, have it at lunch rather than dinner. The body will have a chance to burn those extra calories during the day.

3. Request a “special” dinner menu

My first dinner on my cruise and requested no oil, butter or cream sauces, the chef was able to provide me with the menu the day before and I ordered my food. Special requests are something that the cruise is happy to accomodate. It was great to have a healthy dinner each night.

Vegetables without oil, fresh fish

Vegetables without oil, fresh fish

4. Take advantage of the cruise gym. 

Did you know that most cruise ships have fitness centers? Plan out time to go and get your workout on. This will keep you on track and prevent weight gain during your vacation.

5. Get plenty of sleep. 

Plan on getting to bed at a reasonable time. Sleep is an important part of making healthy food decisions and being able to wake up and workout. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

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