Fit & Healthy

Easy tips to Follow

  1. You must exercise – at least 30 min per day! Think of exercise like brushing your teeth… you may not LOVE to do it – but you must!!! Aim for 150 minutes per week.
  2. Balance all your meals with whole grain carbohydrates (this includes starch, fruit and/or milk) and lean protein
  3. 1/2 of your plate at lunch and dinner should be veggies. 
* I like to keep the steam bag veggies on hand or pre prepare your vegetables for an easy addition to any meal.
  4. Weight training is important. Try and lift weights or use resistance bands 2-3 times per week. Strength training will increase your metabolism and you will burn more calories at rest.
  5. Avoid all juice and sugar sweetened beverages. Drinking sugar is empty calories, drink water to rehydrate your cells.
  6. Fuel and refuel. The body needs nutrition to perform activity and needs healthy foods to refuel. Just try to avoid overeating “junk” foods and out eating your exercise.

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